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The Himalayan salt candle holder is a handcrafted item. Friends Rock Salt have excellence in producing and presenting different shapes, size, and designs like Circle tea light holder, Cone tea light holder, square tea light holder, Cube tea light holder, Sphere tea light holder, etc. We are exporting Himalayan salt candle holders to the people, fond of decorating their homes and workplaces.  Our Clients used Himalayan salt Candleholders as a beautiful ornament for their living.

Himalayan salt candle holder also works as a purifier when the candle burns Himalayan salt gets heated and absorbs impurities from the atmosphere. Due to its pleasing scent, Himalayan salt Aroma Candleholder is used in Spas and healing clinics for relaxing and purifying purposes.

salt aroma diffuser

Article ID : FNTL -

Shape :
Dimensions :
Packing :

candle light holder 2

Article ID : FGTL - 1003

Shape : Long(2 Holes)
Packing : 20 pcs


Article ID : FGTL - 1004

Shape : Long(3 Holes)
Packing : 15 pcs


Article ID : FGTL - 1005

Shape : Long (4 Holes)
Packing : 10 pcs

himalayan candle holder aroma

Article ID : FNTL -

Shape :
Dimensions :
Packing :

natural candle holder

Article ID : FNTL - 3002

Shape : Natural
Weight : 0.7 – 1kg
Packing : 18 pcs

ying yang

Article ID : FGTL -

Shape : Ying Yang
Dimensions :
Packing :

candle holder heart shape

Article ID : FGTL - 1011

Shape : Heart
Packing : 12  pcs

NOTE : Any size & specification can be produced, private labels/brands can be placed on demand

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Friends Rock Salt is a well reputed company with excellence in transforming a Himalayan rock raw piece to a complete and defining shape according to our customers demand. We have experts that bring your ideas into shape. Any size or shape can be produced by our expertise to meet the ever changing requirements and demands of our international clients.

Do Himalayan salt candle holders work?

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders work to enlighten our rooms with their mild glowing natural light. The candle that we place in it burns and gives a very beautiful soft warm light much more cozy than other electric devices that we use to have lights and glow in our rooms.

What are salt candle holders good for?

Salt candle holders are good at providing a beautiful dim light with a nice touch to the interior. It enhances the beauty of our homes with their beautiful shapes and colors. It absorbs all the negative energy from the air and purifies our surrounding air.

How long do Himalayan salt candle holders last?

Himalayan Salt candle holders have a long life itself but the candle we burn inside is replaceable and its age is almost 4-5 hours while it is burning continually.

How to use Himalayan salt candle holder?

Simply just open the box, unpack your Himalayan Salt Candle holder and place the candle to its place and just burn it with a lighter. Enjoy its beautiful glow and natural light that will not just soothe your eyes but also purify the air.

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