Get Unique Salt Accessories & Himalayan Salt Inhaler

We are the best Manufacturer of handcrafted Himalayan salt accessories. Our products are unique and created from pure Himalayan pink salt. And you can get These Salt accessories like Salt plates, Salt shot glasses, mortar and pestle, and netipot. All of These Products are stylish and affordable.

Himalayan salt Inhaler :

Himalayan salt inhaler relieves allergies and breathing problems, that aids in tackling asthmatic issues.  It’s really safe and easy to use. The crystals of Himalayan salt inhaler absorb air, penetrates into the respiratory tract, and relieve breathing difficulty.

himalayan salt inhaler

Article ID : FGC - 4001

Product : Salt Inhaler
Packing : 24 pcs

electrical code

Article ID : FGC-4003

Product : Electric Cord With Dimmer
Packing : 50 pcs

salt mortar pestle

Article ID : FSC-011

Product : Mortar & Pestle
Size : 4.4 x 4.6″
Packing : 4 pcs

himalayan salt shot glasses

Article ID : FSC-010

Product : Shot Glass
Size : 2×3″
Packing : 36 pcs

Get our unique handcrafted salt accessories at wholesale rate

We have a complete range of unique Salt accessories and we are serving our clients by offering them wholesale rates to establish a strong business relations with them. We try our utmost to fulfill every demand of our clients in the given time frame.

Are Himalayan salt shot glasses reusable?

We use high quality Himalayan pink salt to provide reusable Himalayan Salt shot glass. A trendy touch to our tables to serve our guests in a classy way.

Can you put Himalayan salt glasses in the freezer?

As we are well aware regarding sustaining temperature quality of Himalayan pink salt. So to avoid any disadvantage it will be better not to put it directly in the freezer and try to gradually secure its temperature level.

Do Himalayan salt inhalers work?

The American research proves that salt inhalers are the best remedy for the patient facing breathing issues. Inhalers and salt walls are used in halotherapy to treat many issues related to lungs. Though it is the difficulty in breathings or issue of squeezing and cough Salt inhaler helps in both.

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