Himalayan Salt Inhaler and Accessories

Himalayan salt inhaler relieves allergies and breathing problems, that aids in tackling asthmatic issues.  It’s really safe and easy to use. The crystals of Himalayan salt inhaler absorb air, penetrates into the respiratory tract, and relieve breathing difficulty.

himalayan salt inhaler

Article ID : FGC - 4001

Product : Salt Inhaler
Packing : 24 pcs

electrical code

Article ID : FGC-4003

Product : Electric Cord With Dimmer
Packing : 50 pcs

salt mortar pestle

Article ID : FSC-011

Product : Mortar & Pestle
Size : 4.4 x 4.6″
Packing : 4 pcs

himalayan salt shot glasses

Article ID : FSC-010

Product : Shot Glass
Size : 2×3″
Packing : 36 pcs

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