Buy The Best Himalayan Salt Tiles & Bricks Wholesale

Friends rock salt is a wholesale supplier of Himalayan salt tiles & bricks from Pakistan. For decoration of a room, you can build a Himalayan salt wall with Bulk Himalayan salt tiles which increases the beauty of the room as well as removes the radioactive waves. This makes the room environment clean and soothing.

himalayan salt tiles

Article ID : FBM - 6005

Dimensions : 8 x 8 x 1
Packing : 6 pcs

himalayan salt tiles pink color

Article ID : FBS - 6006

Dimensions : 8 x 8 x 1.5
Packing : 6 pcs

himalayan salt bricks pink color

Article ID : FBM - 6003

Dimensions : 8 x 4 x 2
Packing : 12 pcs

himalayan salt brick white

Article ID : FCP - 302

Color : White
Dimensions : 9 x 8 x 1
Packing : 7 pcs

NOTE : Any size & specification can be produced, private labels/brands can be placed on demand

Enhance your home with our Himalayan salt bricks wholesale

In this world everybody is dearly conscious about choosing unique and classy interiors for their homes. We have perfection in providing Himalayan Salt bricks wholesale by keeping in mind your choice and budget. We are holding the title of top sellers/exporters by presenting a wide range of stylish and unique designs for salt tiles or salt bricks.

What are the benefits of a salt wall?

Our wholesale Himalayan Salt Tiles are environment friendly. They eliminate and absorb all the harmful rays and negative energies from the atmosphere and provide refreshing boosting effects to our rooms. These walls are very important. There should be at least one wall in the home as it helps to absorb the germs from the surroundings. It protects us from Covid-19 and other germs that exist in our air.

What is the purpose of a salt wall?

Bulk Himalayan Salt Tiles with flat finishing provide us a streamlined look especially when it is illumined it draws attention by its enchanting glowing light. It disinfects and purifies the air.

How long do salt bricks last?

The normal lifespan of the Salt Bricks is 2-4 years. The more it depends on its usage because after regrinding and replacing its age can be affected.

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