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Edible Himalayan salt Bulk is just like common table salt. It’s 100% natural and pure. We assure you that the premium quality of Pink Edible Bulk Himalayan salt after the manufacturing process. It adds flavor to your food as well as guarantees that the food is nourishing and full of health benefits.

Our bulk rock salt is perfect for everyday cooking. We are the leading suppliers, and distributors of Himalayan salt wholesale in the USA, Europe, and Australia. We are the best salt manufacturers.

pink himalayan salt fine

Himalayan Salt Fine - Light Pink

Article ID : FES-101
Size : 20 – 50 Mesh
Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg & 1000 Jumbo bags

dark pink coarse salt

Himalayan Salt Fine - Dark Pink

Article ID : FES-103
Size : 20 – 50 Mesh
Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg & 1000 Jumbo bags

Himalayan Salt Granules Pink

Himalayan Salt Coarse - Medium Pink

Article ID : FES-107
Size : 2 – 5 mm
Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg & 1000 Jumbo bags

Black Edible Salt

Himalayan Salt Chunks - Black

Article ID : FES-110
Size :   1 – 2 mm
Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg & 1000 Jumbo bags

himalayan salt white granules

Himalayan Salt Coarse - White

Article ID : FES-109
Size : 50 – 100 Mesh
Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg & 1000 Jumbo bags

pink himalayan salt fine

Himalayan Salt Coarse - Light Pink

Article ID : FES-106
Size : 2 – 5 mm
Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg & 1000 Jumbo bags

pink himalayan salt chunks

Himalayan Salt Chunks - Pink

Article ID : FES-115
Size : 2 – 5 cm
Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg & 1000 Jumbo bags

edible himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt Coarse - Clear Halite

Article ID : FES-116
Size : 2 – 5 mm
Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg & 1000 Jumbo bags

NOTE : Any sizes can be produced on customers demand, Private labels / brands can be placed

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Friends Rock Salt stands amongst one of the leading Edible Himalayan Salt Exporters. We have excellence in producing and not compromising on our quality of Edible Himalayan Salt Bulk.  With our strict commitment regarding the quality of Edible Himalayan Salt Wholesale, we get a designated place among all our competitors.

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Is Himalayan salt from Pakistan?

The name of Himalayan Salt defines its origin itself. There is no doubt that the only source of pure organic Pink Himalayan Salt wholesale in Pakistan. This natural gift is lying under the ground near the Himalayan mountains situated in the Punjab Region of Pakistan.

Which brand of Himalayan salt is best?

Either you are a wholesaler, brand or a company you can rely on Friends rock Salt to have maximum benefits from edible Himalayan Salt Bulk natural goodness.

Where does Himalayan salt come from in Pakistan?

Pink Himalayan Salt is estimated to have formed hundreds millions of years ago. It has faced many climate changings like layers of burning lava and snow while lying under the surface of ground. It is mainly mined from the Khewra in the foothills of a wide range of Himalayan mountains in Jhelum, in the Punjab.( province of Pakistan).

Can I buy rock salt in bulk?

Anyone can easily buy Rock Salt in Bulk from Friends Rock Salt. As we are giving best khewra salt wholesale prices to our customers to meet their capacity and requirements.

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