Uses of Himalayan Salt Blocks & How to clean it in 2022?

Normally we use plastic, Stainless-steel, nonstick, and other metallic utensils in the kitchen for cooking, chilling, baking, and grilling purposes. Himalayan salt blocks are a new edition to our cookware. The latest research proves that the other metallic cookware we use for cooking also affects our health in one or another way. In this connection, they support the idea to use Salt block in Kitchen for daily food cooking or occasionally. Himalayan Salt slabs have shades of beautiful color in them, these colors are due to the presence of 84 minerals in them. These minerals vary from stone to stone so it is the reason that slab can have different shades in it. We can choose our salt slab according to our desire and likeness.

Now we come to the point that Cooking on the salt slabs is more appealing and pleasing. Let’s discuss how to use it properly because there are some very important points to using the Himalayan Pink Salt Slab.

Preparing your Himalayan salt blocks.

Cooking on a Himalayan salt block is new to us, so it is very important that we all should know the basic points to use it properly. While starting using your Salt Slab, keep in mind that it should be dry and clean. Cooking or heating a wet Salt Slab can result in breakage or a much shorter lifespan. Preparation before cooking is very important to use it accurately. Always make sure that slab is at room temperature and gradually start heating it up. Because an abrupt change in temperature can cause its breakage instantly. Gradually heating up will strengthen the health of our Salt Block. When we start heating it may cause some cracks in it but don’t worry it’s obvious on first time heating.

Cooking and heating Salt Slab on Stove.

Cooking on the stove is the most convenient and easy way to cook food on Salt Slab. You can use a gas stove as well as an electric stove very easy to cook. Simply put Himalayan salt Block on the stove at mild temperature and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes raise the temperature mild to normal and then leave again for 15 minutes. The gap of 15 minutes is to give time to the Himalayan salt Slab to bring it to our desired temperature. Now raise the temperature high and let it be hot to our required range. You can use a thermometer to check its temperature either it is ready to use or not. There is also a way to check its proper functioning, just drop some water drops on the surface it sizzles then evaporates instantly into the air. It means now this is ready to use, use it and enjoy healthy cooking.

Using Salt Slab for Grilling.

Grilling on the salt slab is not so tricky. It is just the way you treat it. It is as safe and easy to heat it up and make it ready to use as on a stove. Place your salt slab on Grill. If you are using charcoal then put charcoal on one side and slab on the other. Because we have to heat it gradually as we did in the case of stove heating. In the case of a gas grill, always move from low to high temperature to heat it up. Heat slab on gas in 15 minutes increments as we discuss above.

Preparing Slab to use in Oven.

Placing and heating up the slab in the oven is much risky. It can cause breakage of Slab and results in damaging your oven so it is very essential to know that we should prepare it for cooking or baking on the stove then heated Wholesale Himalayan Salt slab can be placed in the oven to bake or cook food. Salt blocks always became very hot so it is better to use a metal pan to place and use it accurately.

So, we can claim that the key factor to using or heating up a Salt slab is to Heat it up gradually. Salt can retain temperature for a long time, this time is enough and perfect to cook our meal either these are vegetables or meat.

How to clean of Himalayan Salt Block?

Maintenance is compulsory to use anything properly and long-lasting. So if we want to use our Bulk Himalayan Salt blocks dozens of times we have to take special care to avoid any miss hap that leads to loss of Himalayan Slab. Let’s discuss how we can enjoy long its term benefits.


  • Always use the same side of the Slab, it will prevent it from Cracks and breakage.
  • Gradually start heating, raising in temperature can lead to the smashing of Salt slab.
  • Never put a heated slab directly underwater it will result in a breakdown.
  • Don’t use direct water to clean its surface because water has the power to dissolve salt in it.
  • Always use a sponge to clean the surface of your slab after using.
  • After cleaning with sponge properly then dry it with a clean cloth and then put it on the rack.
  • Now clean it a dry and clean place.
  • To store always use moist free place.
  • If there is moisture in the air then first wrap it then store it.

Himalayan Salt Slab due to its unique ionization composition blessed our food with a salty tint. Its usage is increasing day by day, so exports of the salt slab are also increasing. While purchasing a salt slab always keep in mind that it shouldn’t be much thinner. Hope this article will help to understand its usage and also take care of the Bulk Himalayan Salt slab.