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Pink Himalayan Salt & Our Compact Practice in 2021

Saltiness is a basic human taste with sweetness, sourness, and bitterness. Usually. we say that Salt Is Life, which means salt is the basic taste of life. It is one of the most important externals in taking elements that our body needs a lot. And Salt can’t produce naturally that’s why Himalayan Pink salt is a little bit more than table salt. It is a Pure, 100 natural and organic products extracted from the ancient mountains of the Himalayas.

Pure Pink Himalayan Salt is mineral-rich salt. Himalayan Salt is the deposit of ancient sea salt and it lies in the foothills of the Himalayas of Pakistan, in the Punjab region. This Salt has been under layered by the lava and great pressure that is the main reason that it is pollutant-free and doesn’t contain any contamination.

  1. 1 – Pink Himalayan Salt & Our Compact Practice
  2. 2 – Physical and Chemical Analysis
  3. 2.1 – Washing and cleaning
  4. 2.2 – Sun Drying
  5. 2.3 – Segregation of selected Raw material
  6. 2.4 – Sieving
  7. 2.5 – Other Procedures

Its quality and purity define by the source from which we get it. Although it is a purely organic product yet its reliable source matters. The purity and color of salt depending on the groundwork from where we get its raw material. Himalayan Salt bulk colors vary from stone to stone. Its physical, chemical and microbiological properties depend on the source from where we get it. FRS has excellence in mining and processing uncontaminated pure Rock Salt.

We have developed a brief analytical procedure through which we pass our raw material to have the best quality product according to our customer demands. From the mining of Himalayan salt to desire packing and to load to the cargo. We critically examine and watch the whole procedure by different personnel, procedures, and analysis so that we can avoid any type of impurity and foreign particle.

Following are some procedures that give our Pink Himalayan Salt Bulk a distinguish place from others.

Physical and Chemical Analysis:

after extraction of raw material from the mine, its physical and chemical analysis take place. While mining or shifting to the factory can cause attachments of some outer particles like dust or etc. in it so physical analysis points out the cleaning and desired color of the Pink Salt. Later chemical analysis defines its purity and examined Raw material passed to the next department for washing and cleaning.

Let us discuss some of the key points of Our Process plant through the following steps.

Washing and cleaning:

In this procedure, large pieces of salt Lumps wash with clean fresh water to remove any kind of external defilement in them. FRS has a proper team to wash and then brush to have a clear Piece of Rock salt. This process is essential because there are lots of chances to get dirty by mud or any other type of material while mining or moving to a factory area.

Sun Drying:

After washing and cleaning of Raw material we move our washed Raw material to a dry and clean place to let it dry. we always use natural sunlight to dry our raw material because sunlight also has the quality to diminish any kind of outer bacteria and germs. So if there is any outer biological organism found, pure and bright sunlight eliminates it on this spot.

Segregation of selected Raw material.

It is a very important procedure that is our main focus point. We check and verify carefully lumps according to the customer demand. Only the lumps that fulfill all physical and chemical characteristics passed are through this segregation. All our valuable customers and regions and have their own color and specification demands. Color detection considers being very important in the selection of raw materials.

As we are all well aware, due to the flood in Dark Pink mines, Mining in those mines has been banned by the Government of Pakistan, yet we are trying and providing the most possible and appropriate color to our Clients.


We all have an authentic knowledge that Himalayan Pink colors have different colors as well as sizes. To fulfill our customer’s demands is our sole aim. By keeping this point in view. Friends Rock Salt uses the best quality sieves at our plant. Sieving and segregation are very important keys to getting desired color and accuracy in size.

Other Procedures:

We have a qualified staff that has been appointed at a different section of our processing unit to control and promote all the international rules and regulations of Processing Salt. Our different teams through multiple actions work day and night. To provide our valuable Clients with pure and organic Bulk Himalayan Salt Pink is our priority so we plant Metal detectors to detect and eliminate them from the processed product. Our product goes through different chemical analyses to check its purity and the ratio of other essential components. After getting approval from our QA department and getting approval for another 3rd party lab this processed salt is passed out for packaging.

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