types of Himalayan salt lamps

Overview of Himalayan salt lamps and its properties 2022

Everybody, now a day is well aware of Pure Himalayan salt and its products that are a purely natural gift that has covers beautifully and elegantly to our lives in such a manner that it becomes a necessary product for our homes offices and livings. Pure Himalayan Rock Salt is mined in the form of big chunks and lumps then beautifully crafted to give it a specific shape of any product that we want to produce of use. Himalayan Salt wholesale’s uses are not just confined to the kitchen or our meals it is covering all aspects of our life to give comfort and ease to our lives.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps, Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamps, Himalayan Salt Lamps Bowls, Salt Lamp Night Light, Salt Lamps oil diffuser, Himalayan Salt Iron Baskets Etc. All these are the products that are produced ad crafted by using this pure natural gift blessess by God.

Friends Rock Salt and wide range of Lamps Production that fits to your livings.

We, the Friends Rock Salt being a customer caring company have always take much care of our customers by keeping an eye on the variation in their needs according to trends and seasons. Friends Rock Salt as wholesaler and exporter have its distinctive name in production of all kinds of Salt Lamp Wholesale. There is a wide range and variety in colors and sizes at Friends Rock Salt Production house let’s discuss their varieties in detail.

Multiplicity in Colors.

Himalayan Rock Salt Wholesale is mined from the mountains of Himalayas. That is very wide range of Mountains. Himalayan Rock Salt in Bulk is underlying the ground from ancient times. Changings in season and hotness of sun purify it from every impurity and blesses it many natural gifts with the beautiful colors of itself. Rock Salt of Himalayas has different colors like Pink, Orange, Dark Pink, White, and Grey etc.

Friends Rock Salt and Colors of Salt Lamps.

Friends Rock Salt have excellence to produce Salt Lamps in all colors. So you can chose any color that suited to your taste and eyes for your rooms like Himalayan salt Lamp Grey, White Crystal Lamp, Pink Salt Lamp, white Himalayan Salt Lamp, Red Himalayan Salt Lamp etc.

Desirable Shapes.

Himalayan Salt Lamps have strong crystallization formation. Friends Rock Salt is producing all type of Salt Lamps in our factory area. We have hired all talented and artists to a beautiful and attractive shape to Salt rock as per customer demand. Any shape is possible to produce.

salt lamps different shapes

Commonly used Shapes.

Mostly the shapes of lamps that are in demand are pyramid salt lamps, Heart, Ball, swan, skull, Buddha head, Buddha, Melon, flower, beside this Salt Lamps Night Light, Grey Himalayan Salt lamp, Salt Lamp diffuser, Salt Stone lamp, Salt Lamp Bowl with chunks or balls, White crystal Lamp in natural and any other desired shape can be produced.

Variety in size.

Rock salt due to its crystal structure is very easy to mold and Friends Rock Salt has expertise to produce any size and best quality for their customers according to their desire. Salt Lamps can be produced in any size. All shapes have their own specific size that fits to their production accuracy.

Variation in Size.

They can be 1kg or 50 kg it all depends on the taste and the place where you want to place it. Like if you want to place it at your lounge then large white Himalayan Salt Lamp is best option. Mostly Natural Himalayan salt lamp have a huge variety in sizes like they can produce of 1 kg and also can be produces of 50, 60, 80 KGs etc.

Types of Bases.

There are many types of bases like wooden base, white marble base, brown Marble Base, Back Marble Base. Every base color and material defines your taste and likeness towards Himalayan crystal salt lamp. Normally the base that is common to use is a wooden base. It is very important to point to be noted that bases size also varies with the size. If size is changing then the size of the base will also change with the same proportion.

Commonly used bases are round with a hole in their center from where the electric cable and bulb connect to it. So it may lit and brighten our homes, rooms, lounges, offices and dining with its sweet amber glow.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Color Changing.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulk has itself variety in color due to its origin. To elevate its beauty and to give unique and fabulous look to our Salt Lamps collections. There are different colors of bulbs that are use to increase their demands.

multi color lamps

Like Multi Color Lamps are getting very popular among office users with their laptops or direct in USBs. These Multi colors are actually due to the light that is put into it with an electric USB cord or electric cord. Moreover, pink, orange, and white color bulbs are use to enhance its lighting effects that fit admirable to our eyes.

Salt Lamp Night Light.

salt night light

Salt Lamp Night Light is a small size of lamps that illumine our rooms with their glowing lights. Himalayan Salt Night light is a combination of electric switch with a Bulb of beautiful color. And Salt pieceS with desire shape or small iron basket having chunks in it. It blesses a soothing effect when lighting up in bed room in the dark night. It brings a beautiful light and glow to our room that soothes our eyes and gives us a peaceful sleep.

Where to get Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are not just pieces of mere rock these are the keys to decorate your rooms, offices, homes, lounges. And dinning so you should be very careful while purchasing them. We, Friends Rock Salt have superiority in producing qualitative. And quantitative products of all kind either it is the matter of Natural Lamps or Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light, Himalayan salt Lamp Bowl, Salt Lamp Diffuser, Pyramid Salt Lamps, Heart Grey Salt Lamp all types and sizes found here at one place just a call away. You can rely on us for your desired products.