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Chinen salt – Uses of Chinen salt in 2021

It’s very important to know that, which edible products we use in our daily routine because these foodstuffs decide that what types of problems we will face after an age. Diabetes is one of the growing diseases. Most of the patients/people take different food supplements and herbs to control this disease. And the Chinen salt is one of them and we will discuss this natural spice shortly.

What is Chinen salt?

Chinen salt is an herbal supplement, but most people relate This salt to Himalayan salt, there is nothing similar in them. Chinen salt is obtained by a plant which name is Barberry plant and is also known as the golden thread. While the Himalayan salt is obtained from the foothills of the Himalayas from Pakistan. Many people consider This salt like Himalayan salt because of the conception that the barberry plant grew in the range of the Himalayas.

Uses of Chinen salt:

 Chinen salt has a bunch of uses written below

  • This salt is mostly used in medicines to treat diabetes.
  • It’s also useful for high blood pressure.
  • This salt can be used as table salt.
  • It removes toxins from the body
  • This Salt helps to cure many skin diseases, like dehydration, pimples, peeling treatments, etc.
  • It transports nutrients from one cell of the body to another, to provide a balanced nutritional distribution in the body.
  • Aids indigestion. It allows food to pass through the digestive tract.
  • Improve the function of gastric juices to digest food.
  • Prevent muscle cramps
  • Fight with the bacteria that causes Ear infection, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Control Blood sugar level
  • Balance PH of Blood for proper circulation.

Chinen salt V/S Himalayan salt:

chinen salt vs Himalayan salt

Firstly Himalayan salt is completely an organic thing. This salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayas of Pakistan. Himalayan salt color is pink, dark pink, white, black and sometimes it would be orange shade. Himalayan Salt due to having the purest form of Sodium Chloride and 98 % other trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper stands remarkably good for numerous health benefits. These minerals make Himalayan salt completely different from another table salt.

Chinen salt isn’t salt, it is usually known for the presence of the Coptis Chinensis herb in it, due to this herb Chinen salt gain this name. Coptis Chinensis has a bundle of a very beneficial chemical compound called Berberine. It is obtained from many different plants like a golden thread, barberry plant, Oregon grape, and tree turmeric. All these plants are the source of pure Berberine. That is the major component of Chinen salt this plant has its own unique scent which gives a different aromatic touch to this salt.

The similarity is the origin, the Himalayan salt mined from Himalayas’s hill, and the presence of barberry plants near the Himalayas. Both of these salts can be used as table salt and are good for blood pressure and for skin disease.

How is Chinen salt is good for diabetes?

As we discuss above that the This salt extract from the barberry plant and this plant contains Berberine HCL and this compound is useful for blood sugar levels in both animals and humans.

In the USA did not use the exact name of Chinen salt is sold by using different names. Berberine is also extracted from other sources like from different plants that contain Coptis Chinensis, the name Chinen Salt is also derived from this. Later this Coptis Chinen convert into different types to make it easy to Intakes like Capsules, tablets, and liquid form.

Diabetes has two swear types: in the Type 1 condition pancreas is the main source to produce insulin in our body, unable to produce insulin and our body faces a swear lack of insulin, unfortunately, Barberry Salt is helpless in this regard. But the Type 2 Chinen salt helps us to stabilize the quantity of insulin in our body. In type 2 pancreas started to produce more than enough insulin in our body so it can be controlled and regulated by using This Salt.

Chinen salt side effects

Excess of everything even it is salt, is bad. Although salts are a key factor and basic nutrient of life yet overconsumption of Chinen Salt or any other salt can cause high blood pressure.  That leads to heart attack, Headache, Migraine, and also gain of weight. So we should be more cautious while taking or defining a specific portion of salt for daily consumption.

Best amongst all salt, Himalayan Pink Salt is best to use because it is pure and 100% organic.