We Export Best Quailty Of Himalayan Bulk Bath Salt

Bulk bath salt gives benefits from delivering pressure to the detoxification of your body. A few examinations demonstrate that washing in warm salt water can decrease weakness, and stress, and work on enthusiastic wellbeing.

Bulk Epsom Salt Wholesale

Bulk Epsom Salt Wholesale is the best product for the bath, just add some Himalayan salt in your bathtub it helps to extract noxious toxins from your body, and you can feel the refreshing and purifying feeling. Epsom salt in bulk increases the formation of white blood cells which aids the body in fighting infections, wholesale Epsom salt also prevents Coronavirus. Friends Rock Salt export bulk Epsom salt all around the world.

stick bath salt

Article ID : FBS -

Shape : Deo Stick
Dimensions : 9 x 3 cm
Packing : 60 pcs

bath salt foot detoxer

Article ID : FBS - 623

Shape : Round Foot Detoxifier
Weight : 3 – 4 kgs
Packing : 2 pcs

bath salt plate

Article ID : FBS - 608

Shape : Salt Plate
Size : 20cm
Packing : 12 pcs

oval bulk bath salt

Article ID : FBS - 605

Shape : Soap – Egg Shape
Dimensions : 4 x 5 cm
Packing : 60 pcs

egg epsom salt stone

Article ID : FBS - 607

Shape : Salt Balls Dia
Size : 50 cm
Packing : 100 pcs

leaf bulk epsom salt

Article ID : FBS -

Shape :
Dimensions :
Packing :

bar salt bath stone

Article ID : FBS - 603

Shape : Soap – Cake Shape (Lifebouy)
Dimensions : 9 x 3 cm
Packing : 60 pcs

dove epsom salt stone

Article ID : FBS -

Shape :
Dimensions :
Packing :

NOTE : Any size & specification can be produced, private labels/brands can be placed on demand

Get beautiful skin with our pure Himalayan wholesale bath salt

Our skin needs some extra care and minerals to give it a glowing and refreshing look. In this perception, our Himalayan Bath Salt or Bulk Epsom Salt is an outstanding product to bless your skin with the essential minerals. Our prior aim is to satisfy our clients with our quality products so we give them discounts off and on with a bright and fruitful business perspective in future.

We always try our utmost to answer every question raised by our clients. Below are some important questions regarding the usage of Himalayan Wholesale Bath Salt.

How much Himalayan salt do you put in a bath?

Pure Bath Salt is very effective so one cup or Bulk Epsom Salt is enough to put in a bathtub. This small quantity of Pure Himalayan Wholesale Bath Salt will soothe your whole body and you will be fresh.

What does Himalayan salt do in a bath?

Wholesale Epsom Salt has two basic minerals in it. One is Magnesium and the second one is chloride. When we pour a cup of bulk Epsom Salt in the bath tub due to the ionization magnesium and chloride get apart in the water and perform their duties individually. Like improving sleep, treating migraines, helps in digestion. Detox our body etc.

Where to buy Epsom salt?

Rely on the top brand, Friends Rock Salt to get premium quality pure Himalayan wholesale Bath Salt in cheap and affordable prices. Our prices are adjustable as our aim is to serve our clients by giving them every possible way to get our Natural Himalayan Bath Salt Products.

How to use Epsom salt?

Wholesale Epsom Salt is very easy to use. Simply pour a cup of pure Himalayan Wholesale bath salt in a bath tub full with water or just soak your feet in the solution of a tub of water and 2-4 spoons of Bulk Epsom salt to get amazing results.

Get Pure Himalayan Bulk Bath Salt At Best Price