100% Pure & Natural Animal Salt Lick for Sale

Friends rock salt is a manufacturer of salt lick block. Pink Himalayan salt provides a concerted source of all Natural minerals essential for the optimal health and vitality of our animals.

This is best for animals because it is 100% natural and pure with 84 minerals, without any chemical contamination. Friends Rock Salt is a manufacturing supplier of pure Himalayan salt lick for sale. Our salt lick blocks helps livestock like camels, deer, cows, and horses to digest and Strengthens the immune system.

animal lick salt cube shape

Article ID : FLS - 401

Shape : Square
Weight : 1.2 kg
Packing : 12 pcs

animal lick salt round rock

Article ID : FLS - 402

Shape : Cylinder
Weight : 1.2kg
Packing : 12 pcs

animal salt lick natural shape

Article ID : FLS - 404

Shape : Natural Cylinder
Weight : 2 – 3 kg
Packing : 8 pcs

salt lick round rock

Article ID : FLS - 403

Shape : Natural Cylinder
Weight : 1 x 1.5 kg
Packing : 12 pcs

NOTE : Any ,shape, weight  & size can be produced, private labels/brands can be placed on demand

Purchase Pure salt lick block in bulk at wholesale rate

We have brilliance in producing Pure Salt Lick Block as we are well aware of the need of our farmers for their livestock. Animals need salt and other nutrients in the same way as the human body needs. We, by developing a brief understanding in this regard, are producing the finest quality Pure Salt lick block in bulk and offering best possible Wholesale rates to entertain your clients.

What is animal licks salt?

Animal licks are Himalayan Salt Blocks with additional nutritional ingredients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium etc. These Himalayan Salt blocks are used for horses, cows, rabbits etc. to meet their nutritional demand.

Are salt licks good for animals?

Himalayan Salt licks are the perfect nutrition for your animals. It is the common survey that the animals that served with Salt licks blocks remain healthier and give more benefits than the others who are feeding just their routine food.

When should you put salt out for deer?

In the late winter and the beginning of the spring is the best time to put salt out for your deer. Because it is the time when your deer is trying to put on the lost weight as it is the weather of recovery.

What color salt block is best for cows?

It is considered that the plain white salt block is better for cows but if your cows need more nutrients then it will be better to replace the White salt block with the pink one holding a wide range of 84 trace minerals with essential sodium chloride.

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