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277 K Block, Johar Town, Lahore 54782 , Pakistan

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Exporter and Manufacturer

Since 2016, our company has been a leading exporter of premium quality salt in Pakistan, serving over 40 + countries Worldwide. Our commitment to exceptional service and top-notch quality has earned us clients’ trust globally. We pride ourselves on delivering products consistently meeting the highest standards, setting us apart in the industry.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is a natural mineral found in the Himalayan mountains, valued for its unique pink hue and countless health benefits. Rich in minerals, it has become popular for culinary, therapeutic, and aesthetic purposes worldwide.

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What We Do

As a leading Himalayan pink salt exporter in Pakistan, we cater to diverse markets, including Europe, the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, France, and Poland.
Our salt meets premium international standards and is carefully packaged to arrive in perfect condition.

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Edible Salt Production

We provide high quality Himalayan Edible Salt rich in minerals which aid in achieving healthy lifestyle.

Salt Lamps

Himalayan Decors Manufacturing

Our Himalayan Salt Products for Indoor Decor purposes are designed on high-quality cutting machines.

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Wholesale Distribution

We are the most popular and leading wholesale exporter of the best Himalayan Salt Products among our competitors.


FRS have highly modern equipped facility which increase our product quality each grain of our bulk Himalayan salt go through the same quality standards which 100% pure and clean.

Our Products

Household | Decorative Uses | Spa and Personal Care | Environmental Uses | Agriculture and Livestock

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Himalayan Salt Lamp
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Candle Holder
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Our Export Services

As a leading Himalayan pink salt exporter in Pakistan, we cater to diverse markets, including Europe, the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, France, and Poland.
Our salt meets premium international standards and is carefully packaged to arrive in perfect condition.

Salt Lamps

Manufacturing Process

As a top Himalayan Pink Rock Salt manufacturer in Pakistan, we use hand-picking extraction and processing methods that preserve the salt’s natural purity and health benefits. Our commitment to quality ensures that each grain of salt retains its beneficial properties.

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Quality Control

We are proud to be among the top Himalayan pink salt suppliers, ensuring excellence in every product we deliver.
Our team adheres to strict quality control procedures, guaranteeing that every Himalayan Pink Rock Salt batch meets the highest standards

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Sustainability Practices

Sustainability is at the core of our Himalayan Pink Rock Salt supplying process. We rank energy efficiency using traditional, eco-friendly technologies. We are committed to reducing waste by responsibly managing resources efficiently during extraction and disposal.

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How is Himalayan Pink Rock Salt different from regular table salt?

Unlike regular table salt, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is processed and contains up to 84 trace minerals, which give it a distinctive pink color and unique health benefits.

Can Himalayan Pink Rock Salt be used for cooking?

Yes, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt can be used for cooking and seasoning food. It is available in various forms such as fine grains, coarse grains, and salt blocks for different culinary uses.

Is Himalayan Pink Rock Salt beneficial for skincare?

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is popular in skincare for its exfoliating properties and is often used in bath salts, scrubs, and spa treatments to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.

Who is the leading pink rock salt exporter in Pakistan?

Friends Rock Salt stands out as one of the preferred suppliers in Pakistan, recognized for their extensive export operations across the globe. They are known for their high-quality pink rock salt and their commitment to meeting international standards, making them the first choice in the industry. 

Which is the best pink rock salt in Pakistan?

Friends Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is hand-picked from the oldest salt mine in the Pakistani Himalayan Mountains. It is widely regarded as the highest-quality pink rock salt available worldwide for its exceptional taste and purity. 

Himalayan Salt Products Wholesale

Supplying Across Multiple Industries

As the most trusted bulk suppliers of Himalayan pink salt and rock salt in Pakistan, we cater to a diverse range of industries. Our comprehensive range includes fine and coarse grains, as well as salt blocks, ensuring we meet the varied needs of our customers with quality and reliability.

Custom Orders – Consistent Quality

Understanding the unique requirements of our clients, we offer custom orders for Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. Whether you need a small quantity or bulk supply, we are equipped to fulfill your specific demands with uncompromised quality.

Bulk Rock Salt Wholesalers

Wholesale Opportunities

For businesses looking to buy Himalayan Pink Rock Salt in bulk, we provide competitive wholesale pricing. Our wholesale service guarantees excellent value for your investment, establishing us as the preferred partner for bulk rock salt wholesalers.

Partner With Us

Partner with us if you seek a reliable supply of premium Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. Our competitive wholesale pricing ensures you receive the best value, making us the preferred choice for bulk rock salt wholesalers.